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Apr 15, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024 - Sugar (Apple TV+): Your birthday season starts this week, so dive into something exciting and fresh like the brand-new mystery series Sugar. Starring Colin Farrel as a private detective named John Sugar, the show follows this enigmatic investigator as he digs into a missing person's case involving a famous producer's grandchild — which leads him to uncover all sorts of sordid secrets about their powerful and legendary family. All the while, he's grappling with personal struggles of his own, having to look inward at his demons. This 8-part miniseries just dropped, so jump in now.

Bonus Pick: Before Taurus season begins, the moon spends the first few days of the week in your nostalgic fourth house, so a historical epic like Kingdom Of Heaven will be a vibey watch. Set during the Crusades of the 12th century, the film follows a blacksmith turned knight who seeks to defend his land against all odds. But as political and religious tensions escalate, he struggles with his faith as well as the moral dilemmas of war, all while striving to maintain peace in a land rife with conflict. Find this classic streaming on Starz.

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