Scorpio General Horoscope


Apr 15, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024 - Sure, spring is in the air, but you’re still stuck at work on Tuesday when the moon enters your career zone. Whether you’re thinking about switching careers or going to work somewhere else, you still need to put in your time. Pick up this to convince yourself to keep going.

Fortunately, spring is the season for love, something you’ll feel when the sun enters Taurus on Friday, moving into your partnership zone. This is a great time for new love to bloom or take relationships to the next level. Wear this to seal the deal.

End the week in your feelings when the moon enters your subconscious zone on Sunday. Your mind may be trying to tell you something in your dreams. Pick up these to help unlock your subconscious message. It could be a major breakthrough for you.

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