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Apr 15, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024 - “Me” can easily become “we” over the next four weeks once the sun enters Taurus and your partnership zone on Friday. During this period, you can attract relationships that make you feel safe and grounded. Consider settling down and putting down roots, either romantically or with a business partner. Create something magical.

The weekend is ideal for romance when Jupiter conjoins Uranus in your partnership zone on Saturday. This aspect gives you the confidence boost you need to ask out your crush, start a business, or think outside the relationship box. Everything is better together, Scorpio.

After a lonely few months, you’re ready to develop a sense of community again when Juno moves forward in your social zone on Sunday. Whether you’re doing volunteer work or looking to make friends with people who share your interests, don’t try to make everything “perfect.” Look at the bigger picture.

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