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Apr 15, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024 - Welcome to your season, Taurus! As the sun enters your sign on Friday, you’re ready for the blooming of fresh starts and becoming a new you. This is a great time to get ready to put yourself out there and change your look for a boost of self-esteem. Treat yourself to something nice!

Your confidence only increases over the weekend when Jupiter conjoins Uranus in your sign on Saturday. This aspect brings new possibilities and opportunities to go after what you desire. This is a great day to get a haircut, upgrade your wardrobe, and socialize.

After months of pauses and insecurity, relationships become fun again when Juno moves forward in your pleasure zone on Sunday. During this time, you might feel like it’s important to suffuse your relationships with playfulness and creativity. There’s a strong possibility of a spring fling as love blooms again.

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