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April 2024 - It’s an empowering month, Taurus. Mercury retrograde in Aries begins on April 1 and backtracks through your twelfth house of rest, encouraging you to take a beautiful retreat from stress. You’re invited to take things slowly and release mindsets that no longer feel good for you. Venus enters Aries on the fourth, leading you to a greater sense of imagination and creativity. Spiritual practices lead to successful manifestations!

The powerful Aries eclipse awakens your unconscious mind on April 8. Your dreams are heightened, and intuitive breakthroughs help you receive clarity in your emotional realm. As you let go of outdated energies and break old patterns, be sure to make space for relaxation.

A brand-new cycle begins with the sun entering your sign on the nineteenth, bringing energy to your first house of self. A renewed sense of confidence inspires you to pursue exciting goals and passions. This is a rebirth that presents opportunities and a new path. As you become reacquainted with your true self, relationship dynamics shift during the Scorpio new moon on April 23. It illuminates your seventh house of connection and motivates you to embrace love.

Uplifting ideas flow in when Mercury in Aries stations direct on the twenty-fifth. Alluring Venus follows the sun into your sign on April 29 to help you manifest and transform your image. Positive changes help you embrace your authenticity and express yourself. You’re showing up and shining! Mars enters Aries on the thirtieth and reminds you to take the initiative and enforce important healthy boundaries.

Good luck this month, Taurus!

Standout days: 19, 20, 29
Challenging days: 21, 23, 30

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