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April 2024 - It’s an expressive month, Aquarius. Mercury retrograde in Aries starts on April 1 in your third house of communication, helping you process your thoughts and ideas with intention. When Venus enters Aries on the fourth, your ability to express yourself grows. You could be dishing out compliments and sharing your desires with others.

A courageous Aries eclipse on April 8 brings a total transformation to your communication style and the way you use your words. You realize the impact your brilliant ideas could have on the world around you and how important it is to share them. As you change your approach and perspectives, it’s easier for you to have powerful conversations where your voice is being heard.

The focus shifts to your intuition as the sun enters Taurus on the nineteenth and brings light to your fourth house of emotions. As you tap into your inner world, be sure to build healthy boundaries instead of walls. Changes with your environment could lift your mood. Create a sanctuary for yourself! Determination is high during the Scorpio moon on April 23, magnifying your tenth house of career and goals.

Clarity of mind arrives when Mercury stations direct on the twenty-fifth. You allow yourself to be emotionally guided as Venus enters Taurus on April 29, and this brings you into alignment. You desire heartfelt connections with people you care about and want to feel safe in love. Mars enters Aries on the thirtieth, so be sure to process your thoughts before speaking, but do speak your mind!

Good luck this month, Aquarius!

Standout days: 3, 11, 20
Challenging days: 9, 17, 25

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