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April 2024 - It’s a month of intentional action, Aries. On April 1, Mercury retrograde in your sign begins and encourages you to take it easy. With a discerning pause, you’ll find new ways to communicate authentically. Venus enters Aries and empowers your first house of self-actualization on the fourth, inviting you to express yourself fully. You could be changing your look or vibe in some way!

An Aries eclipse activates the sky on April 8 and initiates a transformation of your perspectives. You’re evolving, and within that you have the ability to tap into a stronger sense of power. Since this eclipse is in Aries, you’re the star of the show!

The energy shifts completely when the sun enters productive Taurus on the nineteenth and settles into your second house of wealth creation and talent. There’s an eagerness to build up your life and use your skills. You’re called to manage resources when the Scorpio full moon illuminates your eighth house of money on April 23. Let go of anything that you no longer trust.

As Mercury stations direct on the twenty-fifth, you are feeling restored confidence. Venus enters Taurus on April 29 and joins the sun in your second house of possessions and self-esteem. Venus will elevate your money mindset and give you a boost of confidence as you create your legacy. Take your time and focus on quality over quantity for best results! Mars enters your sign and fuels your passion on the thirtieth. You’ll grow at an accelerated speed by cutting ties with outdated versions of yourself.

Good luck this month, Aries!

Standout days: 4, 8, 30
Challenging days: 1, 15, 22

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