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April 2024 - It’s a love-filled month, Libra. Mercury retrograde in Aries takes a backward turn on April 1 in your seventh house of partnerships. Relationship repair is possible through healing conversations. When Venus enters passionate Aries on the fourth, you’re feeling magnetic. Your powers of attraction are heightened!

The Aries eclipse on April 8 brings necessary change to your closest bonds, encouraging you to ditch unhealthy power dynamics in relationships. As you embrace this transformative energy, remember that relationships are meant to evolve! When we change, we unearth new potential that allows us to relate to each other on a deeper level.

Intensity grows as the sun enters Taurus on the nineteenth, highlighting your eighth house of resources. With intention, you can reimagine your finances and grow. Your relationship with money shifts in a profound way! A powerful change is taking place that’s allowing you to break free from obstacles that have been holding you back from growth. You’re lovingly releasing the need to overwork yourself during the Scorpio full moon on April 23 that lights up your second house of self-sustainability and self-esteem.

Communication in relationships flows harmoniously when Mercury stations direct on the twenty-fifth and empowering conversations take place. Venus enters sensual Taurus on April 29 and entices you to embrace commitments that feel deep and meaningful. You’re calling more magic and manifestation into your life and realizing your power. Mars enters Aries on the thirtieth and encourages you to take the initiative and form new alliances so you can achieve your goals alongside others.

Good luck this month, libra!

Standout days: 3, 11, 20
Challenging days: 1, 8, 22

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