Virgo career Horoscope


April 2024 - This month, it seems everything is built on shifting sands.

Mercury in Aries goes retrograde on April 1, and there’s a solar eclipse in Aries on April 8. Virgo, some gyration in the markets could have you on edge. You need to remind yourself that you are in it for the long term. When other people panic, you could find some real bargains.

On the twentieth, Jupiter conjoins Uranus in Taurus. Virgo, a big announcement could reveal that your company is planning to go in a different direction. This could mean a big opportunity for you. Consider talking to your manager about what might become available.

There is a full moon in Scorpio on April 23, and Mercury begins moving forward two days later. You could receive some happy news. This could be acceptance of your proposal, a new job, or notice of a raise. You might have a reason to celebrate tonight.

On the thirtieth, Mars enters the sign of Aries, where it will remain until June 8. Virgo, your interest in investments could soar at this time. You can find helpful people to guide you through new investment vehicles and ways to allocate your funds for maximum results.

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